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One of our greatest advantages as a company is that we have structured our organization to operate with the strength, capacity, and power of a large corporation, yet still maintain the understanding and control of a hometown carrier.

Who we are:

  • Capacity: Whatever your needs are, Northern Star Services can accommodate them; and we’re growing larger every day
  • National network: Our partnered carriers provide convenience and security for our customers with over 500 carrier connections
  • Local understanding: Because we’re out in the field, we understand the needs of our customers on a handshake level; allowing us to communicate better with our customers





At Northern Star Services we know that having more resources allows us to better serve our clients. That’s why we’ve integrated both port and rail services into our arsenal of options to move your freight. Here are merely a few important aspects offered through Northern Star’s Intermodal services.

  • Access to a huge amount of the industry’s 53’ domestic container capacity
  • Agreements with steamship companies for 20’ 40’ 45’ ISO containers for domestic outbound loads
  • Operating on all US major railroads
  • Private fleet, intermodal, and reefer capacity
  • State of the art operating system that provides tracking and tracing reporting


Need a faster service? Northern Star Services is up to the challenge! Our experience in handling time sensitive door to door deliveries for leading companies gives us the confidence to offer secured and reliable expedited truckload solutions in the United States.

From temperature controlled reefer units to small cargo vans, we are your single source of expedited services. Our strong carrier relationships give you access to qualified team drivers with a strong sense of urgency and strict adherence to our communication and operational procedures.
Our team drivers consistently hold an outstanding on time delivery track record making Northern Star’s expedited service your reliable choice. We are committed to respond to your expedited needs time frame. No time to waste, call us now to get your cargo moving!

Global Strength. Local Relationships.

Having the duality of a large corporate entity coupled with the expertise of a local business allows us to give you personalized service at maximum capability and having the strength and capacity of a large national truckload provider, coupled with the attention to detail that comes with our local offices, allows us to give you superior service at maximum capacity



Northern Star Services Delivers More…..

Northern Star Services has the expertise and experience to handle your challenging transportation needs. We deliver freight with the highest levels of service while cutting transportation costs and optimizing your current operating environment. Northern Star Services is a highly efficient carrier and we apply that knowledge and expertise to examining your business and reducing your costs.

Why Northern Star Services?

  • Over 20 years of expertise running successful dedicated operations, across the country
  • Guaranteed capacity- access to Northern Star’s nationwide network of partnered carriers to handle your shipping spikes
  • We will source customized equipment to meet your needs
  • Very low Driving Associate turnover means more consistent service
  • Advanced operating systems and technology


Northern Virginia Warehouses Our secure, state of the art warehouses are fully equipped to handle your warehouse needs. Some of the services we offer are:

  • 50,000+ sq. ft. of warehousing, accommodating over 800,000 lbs. of freight
  • Trans-load and cross-dock operations
  • Short and long-term drop yard storage
  • Customs bonded
  • Accurate and Effective inventory management
  • Storage programs tailored to your needs